New Year New Hope: Tourism again

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The Earthquake Devastation had affected the number of Tourists as we were about to recover after 8 months we again faced an unofficial Blockade by India which indeed did not heal our wounds. It was a catastrophic year for many of our Tourism Entrepreneurs who even had to go out of their Business.

I often saw the smiling faces of our Countrymen a hope in despair . And, it makes me realize that we are learning from times of History to look Forward and Hope which we will never give up.

Like several Fairs and Programmes is about to be organized in this year which is a good Chance to Show our Country again that it is back on stage. On 23rd and 24th there is an Adventure Travel Show in London where Nepal is also participating .

Since years Nepal has been participating in CMT , and now in Germany we need to prove ourselves differently this time.

Puskar Raj Pathak C.E.O from Dragon Group of Company Thamel said ‘Nepal’s participation in CMT (Caravan, Motor, and Tourism Fair) 2016, the world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure, held from 16-24, January 2016 at fair Stuttgart in Germany will be the first of its Kind in world Arena to Show our Country The fair will I guess receive , largest ever, general and trade visitors.”

The fair is an appropriate platform for the visitors to explore their next dream holiday attractions and activities. Around 100 countries, many more regions, cities, nature, adventure, action, caravans, equipment companies were offering their best value products and services.

Down the line of its life of 75 years, CMT will proven its credibility as a platform where visitors want to explore and experience on their holiday buying the best ideas and offers. This time we have our neighbor India as a Partner Country.

This is good for as the public fair will not only boost India but Tourists who plan mostly in the Region.The borders Tibet and Nepal are the routes and we offer an Extraordinary culture and geographical gift.The rich nature ,peaceful scenery and the unique Flora and Fauna are our main attraction.

At the end of the year our Tourism Board Office was taken by Mr Deepak Raj Joshi to the top post for a four-year term. He is the senior most and respected Person who knows how to handle the sector .He has taken his chair when the Country faces serious challenges than before .

After 4 years this has been positive step to make Stones roll on. Due to political maneuvering and rampant irregularities, the NTB, formed under an exemplary public-private-partnership model, has not been functioning as per its aims. With several corruption scandals in the past, restoring NTB’s reputation would be another daunting task for the new CEO.

Besides, his most important responsibility would be setting an appropriate “tone at the top” to shape a corporate culture with employees and other constituents as in many cases youthful executives are more apt to gain less respect.

Hence, an organised and careful process is necessary to reshape the corporate Culture. We need to Focus our Aviation safety and connectivity,boost more on our neighboring Tourists Arrival (especially from India and China), Infrastructure development and a positive message to the outside world .

Fighting with these shortcomings we can make this as a Vibrant economic powerhouse and develop our Country bu making sustainable in tourism further .

(The writer is Nepal Head of Himalaya Magazine u.k and columnist on Tourism sector )

वि.सं.२०७२ फागुन १८ मंगलवार १३:०९ मा प्रकाशित

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जटायु रेष्टुराँका कारण बढ्यो गिद्धको सङ्ख्या   

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आज १८ मंसिर २०८० सोमवार, यस्तो छ आजको राशिफल

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वि.सं.२०८० मंसिर १८ सोमवार ०६:२२

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वि.सं.२०८० मंसिर १७ आइतवार १८:१२

काठमाडौँ, १७ मङ्सिर : प्रेस काउन्सिल नेपालले दर्ता/सूचीकरण नभई अफवाहपूर्ण...